Alex Popa

Software developer in Ruby on Rails

I like working with Ruby on Rails, I love the Ruby syntax and how clean and easy to use is the language and the Rails framework. In my spare time I like to keep up to date with new technologies and learn new things like React, SwiftUI, Flutter.

+49 151 262 98754

Lippstadt, Germany


Work Experience

Senior Ruby on Rails Developer


06/2022 - present (remote)

Working in the payments and claims team.


  • Implementing GoCardless SEPA and BACS payments.
  • Refactoring the Claims platform.
  • Importing customer data from other insurance providers.

Work Experience

Senior Ruby on Rails Developer


01/2021 - 06/2022 (1.5 years) (remote)

Working in the transactions team handling hirings, payments, and contracts.


  • Synchronising data across multiple services.
  • Working on automatising existing processes to support our team.
  • Adapting the existing functionality and implementing new features for every country where JT operates in.
  • Participate in the team support rota once every 2 months.

Work Experience

Senior Ruby on Rails Developer

Laboratoarele Bioclinica

07/2018 - 12/2020 (2 years) Timisoara, Romania

Building the next gen management platform that is used in the laboratory to track patients, medical analisys, inventory, and equipments.


  • Designing the architecture of the API to work on a local DB server and synchronise the data with a central DB server.
  • Implementing the API for the laboratory management tool.
  • Optimising response times and memory usage.
  • Provide detailed reports in multiple formats (PDF, XLSX, CSV).

Ruby on Rails Developer


07/2013 - 07/2018 (5 years) Timisoara, Romania

Working in medium sized teams on backend services written in Ruby.


  • Improving and scaling the API for an e-learning platform.
  • Building APIs to be used by mobile apps as well as web apps.

CTO & Co-Founder


04/2013 - 04/2014 (1 year) Timisoara, Romania

Managing your servers and deploying your application with easy to use templates.


  • In charge of all technical decisions.
  • Developing the platform in Ruby on Rails.
  • HowToWeb Startup Spotlight presentation:


  • English
  • German (B1)


  • Ruby on Rails
  • Ruby
  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • React JS
  • MySql
  • Postgres
  • Machine Learning



Master in Artificial Intelligence and Distributed Computing

West University of Timisoara

10/2015 - 07/2017

Computer Science - Bachelor of Informatics

West University of Timisoara

10/2008 - 07/2011


Achievements & Certificates

Convolutional Neural Networks 02/2018

Structuring Machine Learning Projects 01/2018

Improving Deep Neural Networks: Hyperparameter tuning, Regularization and Optimization 12/2017

Neural Networks and Deep Learning 12/2017

Coursera - Machine Learning 10/2016


Open Source Contributions

Add support for changing comments in MySql for Ruby on Rails 09/2017

  • Implemented the feature, added unit tests for both Postgres and MySql databases and successfully merged the code into Ruby on Rails repo.

Return friendly error messages in Elixir lang 06/2016

  • Successfully fixed an open issue and merged the code into Elixir lang repo.

Docker database for local use

  • Created a Docker environment for easing the work with multiple databases.